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Salary increase letter

How do you go about asking for a pay rise?

Some people are simply not brave enough to go to their boss and ask for a pay rise. You may just be tempted by the offer of another job in a different company. However you can ask and you may get a pay rise. You will not always succeed however using the simple steps outlined here will give you the best chance of success.

If you are not successful at first then wait at least six months before trying again. During this time make lists of all the tasks you have performed which are not included in your job description. Also take note of any tasks you have done well or think of ideas which will save the company money. Most employers will find it hard to refuse a pay rise if they find that you are saving the company money in other ways!

If you are not successful the first time then don’t give up! Be confident enough in your position to ensure that the next time the company comes to you and grants you a pay rise without you having to ask for it.

Sample letter.

Over the time I have worked here (insert item) I have enjoyed the challenge of working within this company. I think I have more than proved my worth within the company. For example I have achieved the following within my team…

List achievements

However I believe that my salary is still on the same level that I joined with. I feel that with the experience I have gained I have earned a pay rise. I would appreciate a meeting to discuss my progress further and any possible wage increase which you feel I merit.

Asking for a meeting.

Could it be possible to arrange a meeting to discuss my progress within the company? I wish to discuss my career development and the possibility of a pay rise. I have been within the company for (insert years here) years and am keen to advance within the company. I am also keen to learn any new skills associated with my current position and as such believe that this will enhance not only my position in the company but also benefit the company in the long run.

I therefore wish to meet up and discuss this proposition further at your earliest convenience.

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